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 ‘Every Child and Young Person in the Rother Valley Matters’

Young carers are children and young people under 18 years old, who look after a member of the family who is sick, disabled, has mental health problems or is misusing drugs or alcohol. Lots of children and young people want to help out and feel proud that they are lending a hand. At the same time the impact of these caring responsibilities may cause difficulties at home, in school or college, or elsewhere.

For support to be offered, someone needs to refer the young carer to understand the situation, decide what support may be needed and allocate a support worker to the young carer. Usually an adult will make a referral on behalf of a young person - a teacher, social workers , another professional or the young person's parent.

Referral from teacher, social worker etc always with the Young Carer’s permission

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Online community for Young Carers at Babble

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Tel: 01903 270300

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You can access Babble, an online community for young carers by clicking here