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 ‘Every Child and Young Person in the Rother Valley Matters’

Speech and Language:

Materials provided by Sally Smith, speech and language therapist, following the course on Speech and Language Progression Tools on 12 September 2016:

Sally would also like to draw your attention to the FREE training courses which are available:

Assess, Plan, Do, Review and Assessment Guides

Alison Totman suggests this may be useful to use so you know which assessment does what.

It might also be worth finding out who has which assessment when you meet as localities.

Primary schools – pages 7-18 have a list of assessments

Secondary schools - pages 19-24.

Education Health and Care Plans

Here are some Annual Reviews materials:

Education Health and Care Plans support materials provided by Alison Totman, Special Needs Officer for Team A:

Additionally Alison Totman suggests that the following webpages may prove useful:

Autism Friendly Classrooms

The West Sussex Graduated Approach supports children and young people in Early Years settings, Schools and Post-16 education settings:

The Index for Inclusion is a set of materials to guide schools through a process of inclusive school development. It is about building supportive communities and fostering high achievement for all staff and students:

Support Materials for Staff