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 ‘Every Child and Young Person in the Rother Valley Matters’

The Learning and Behaviour Advisory Team (LBAT) works with schools and parents enabling them to gain skills, confidence  and understanding to improve inclusion, resilience and  learning for life for all children and young people. LBAT are a team of Advisory Teachers who provide expertise in special and additional educational needs to children, young people, their families and schools in order to improve children and young people’s educational outcomes and emotional wellbeing.

 • LBAT support children, young people, their families and schools  where learning and/or behaviour difficulties are affecting the  child’s progress within his/her school.

 • Following the submission of a Request for Consultation Form by the child/young person’s school SENCo/INCo, LBAT undertake a face to face or telephone consultation. An Action Plan is agreed upon during the consultation and implemented by all involved.

• LBAT are all qualified teachers and have additional qualifications, experience and knowledge in communication, interaction, cognition, learning, social, emotional and mental health needs and removing barriers to learning.

 • LBAT provide training opportunities for schools in all areas of our expertise, for example dyslexia, dyscalculia, TeamTeach, speech  and language, Down syndrome and behaviour.

• LBAT help schools to address issues such as cognitive difficulties, dyslexia, reading, writing, maths, anxiety, anger, speech, language, communication and concentration.

Request for Consultation only through the school SENDCo/InCo

Training opportunities for schools :

Dyslexia, Team Teach,

Speech and Language,

Down Syndrome and Behaviour Management

Learning and Behaviour Advisory Team


Learning and Behaviour Advisory Team leaflet

Learning and Behaviour Advisory Team

Floor 4,
Centenary House,

BN13 2QB


telephone:  03302 228 519

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