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 ‘Every Child and Young Person in the Rother Valley Matters’


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Autism (ASC Conditions)

Concerns regarding communication, social skills, inability to cope with change, obsessive behaviours and a need for rigid routine.

Concerns with social, emotional or behavioural development of a pupil may be referred to Children and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHs) usually via the GP.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Pupils exhibiting impulsivity, difficulties remaining on task, inability to concentrate or high levels of activity.



The RVIH Chaplain’s prime responsibility is help, care, encouragement and support for families.



Children & Family Centres

The Children and Family Centres provide activities, advice and information to support parents, children and families. Local centres are in Midhurst, Petworth and Chichester.

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition which causes developmental delay and long term learning difficulty.

Down Syndrome

Developmental Dyscalculia is a specific learning disorder that is characterised by impairments in learning basic arithmetic facts, processing and performing accurate and fluent calculations.


Child Development Service

The child development service offers co-ordinated, multi-disciplinary assess-ment, diagnosis and management.


Dyspraxia is a disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children and adults. It can also affect speech.

Early Help includes support for parents-to-be and very young children to give families the opportunity to regain control of their circumstances without statutory interventions.


The word 'dyslexia' comes from the Greek and means 'difficulty with words'. Dyslexic people may have difficulty processing and remembering information they see and hear.

Early Help

The Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) aims to ensure services for each individual work together to provide co-ordinated support across all areas of a child’s life.

Education Health & Care Plan

Dyscalculia Dyslexia Dyspraxia


The Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service offers advice and guidance,support for parental and community engagement and training.

The Family Information Service (FIS) is run by West Sussex County Council to offer free, impartial, up-to-date information to all families on activities, services and childcare.

Educational Psychologist

Educational Psychologists works with parents, schools and other professionals to make sure that children and young people have good opportunities to develop and learn.

Family Information Service

Family Support Work are a Sussex based charity supporting children and families through difficult times. Their aim is to improve children’s wellbeing and chances in life.

Family Support Work

Educational Psychologist Ethnic Minority Achievement Team

Home Start

Home Start supports families with young children where parents are experiencing difficulties or struggling to cope. Trained volunteers visit families in their own homes.

The team provide expertise in special and additional educational needs to children, families and schools to improve educational outcomes and emotional well-being.

Fun and Breaks

The Fun and Breaks Service volunteers support children and young people with disabilities to access activities at home or out and about.

Learning and Behaviour Advisory Team

Learning Mentors work on a one-to-one basis with children of all ages focusing on social and emotional needs and strengths. They find out what is causing barriers to learning.

Learning Mentors

Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to low income. Food Banks can provide a minimum of three days emergency food and support in a crisis.

Food Banks

Parent Carer Forum

The West Sussex Parent Carer Forum believe that every child should all have access to information about the opportunities, services and experiences that are available in West Sussex.

Having an EHCP Personal Budget could give your family flexibility on how you use the money for your child’s special needs but also requires extra responsibility.

Occupational Therapy

The paediatric occupational therapy service aims to help children achieve or maintain their maximum level of independence and to develop practical life skills at home and school.

Personal Budget

Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate.


 Portage Service

Portage is a home visiting educational service for very young children with significant support needs.

Reaching Families is a parent-carer led charity that deliver information, training and support groups to parent-carers.

Play and Learn Together

This is an opportunity for parents to play with their children whilst gaining an understanding of what skills your child is learning through play.

Reaching Families

The School Nursing Service works in partnership with children, young people and their families to ensure that children’s health needs are supported within their school and their community.

 School Nurse

Play Therapy helps children in a variety of ways. Children receive emotional support and can learn to understand more about their own feelings and thoughts.

Play Therapy

Short Breaks

Short breaks provide fun, leisure and social activities for children and young people with addition needs and disabilities outside the school day.

A team of qualified specialists with expertise in Autism who aim to promote the educational, social and emotional development of children/young people.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinators have a central role to play in schools to ensure effective provision for children with SEND.

Social Communication Team

Pupils who are in need of support due to difficulties with speech and language and communication skills can be assessed by a Speech and Language Therapist.

Young People’s

 Substance Misuse Service

The service offers flexible, confidential treatment and support for young
people aged up to 18 years, who have complex drug and alcohol issues.

Everyone using the Youth Offending Service has a case manager who undertakes an individual assessment with a young person and their parent or carer.

Traveller Education Support

Traveller Education Support aims to support schools to raise educational standards and accelerate progress for Gypsy Roma Traveller children and young people.

Youth Offending Team

West Sussex Young Carers supports young carers aged 5-18 with information, support, advice and signposting.

Young Carers

TEAM TEACH training emphasises positive handling as but one part of a whole setting approach to behaviour management.


Family Support Work Food Banks Fun and Breaks (FAB) Home Start Learning Mentors Makaton Parent Carer Forum Play and Learn

The Sensory Support Team works directly with children and their families to support and promote the inclusion of children with sensory needs in a range of settings.

Sensory Support

Children and Family Centres Child Development Service Down Syndrome WS_SEND_IAS

The West Sussex SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (formerly PPS) provides impartial information, advice and support to parents and carers of children who have special educational needs and/ or a disability.

SEND Information/Advice

 Speech and Language


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