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 ‘Every Child and Young Person in the Rother Valley Matters’

A range of services for children and families, mainly working with families from pre-birth to children aged 11, aiming to give all children the best start in life, targeting support to those in greatest need including children with SEND.

Universal services which can be accessed by all include: Children and Family Centres, Toy Libraries including sensory toys and equipment, Free Entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds and the Family Information Service.

Targeted Services include Early Years disability hubs, Family Outreach, Early Support for young disabled children and their families, Free Entitlement funding for eligible 2 year olds, Family Support and the Family Link Team.

We have teams who work directly to support early years and childcare settings across West Sussex to develop the quality of their provision, including Telephone FIRST support for settings to care for all children including those with additional needs.

securing sufficient good quality early years and childcare provision

advice, guidance and training for early years providers

advice, guidance and assistance for parents (Family Information Service)

Family Information Service


Early Childhood Service link

Telephone: 01243 777 807



Early Childhood Service,

1st Floor, The Grange,
County Hall,
PO19 1RG