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 ‘Every Child and Young Person in the Rother Valley Matters’

Dyspraxia is a disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination which may also affect speech. Some individuals with dyspraxia have additional problems planning, organising and carrying out movements in the right order.

Children with dyspraxia may have difficulties with self-care, writing, typing, riding a bike and play as well as other educational and recreational activities. Dyspraxia can also affect articulation and speech, perception and thought.

In adulthood many of these difficulties will continue, as well as affecting learning new skills such as driving a car and DIY. There may be a range of co-occurring difficulties which can also have serious negative impacts on daily life. These include social and emotional difficulties as well as problems with time management, planning and personal organisation, and these may also affect an adult’s education or employment experiences.

Schools have expertise in Specific Learning Needs

SENDCos, teachers, LSAs and parents meet to discuss strategies

EP required to make diagnosis of dyspraxia



Dyspraxia Reaching Families and Amaze Factsheet here

The Dyspraxia Foundation website

8 West Alley,
Herts, SG5 1EG.

Telephone: 01462 455 016


Dyspraxia Foundation Support Group

Co-ordinator (West Sussex): Nicky Lawrence email